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Metal Truncated Dome

Metal truncated dome tiles are being used in northern areas of the country by municipalities who have experienced problems with other materials. Other common materials used in the past would not last more than a few years. In being subjected to natural and man made factors, the materials would lose their domes, fade, crack and heave. In the northern environment, salt and sand were an additional problem. The type of damage which proved to be the most difficult to prevent was that caused by snow plows. This was the impetus behind the development of metal truncated dome tiles.

Metal Truncated Dome
Metal Truncated Dome

They are easily installed in new or existing concrete. The cast in place style is lightweight and is simply tapped down into wet concrete taking just a few minutes to install. The surface applied version of the metal truncated dome for existing or retrofit applications are installed in about forty-five minutes and is by far the most durable among the many types of surface applied systems. Because the metal truncated domel is not a porous material, it is not affected by water, chemicals or freeze/thaw issues. Advantage Tactile Systems has developed a coating for their metal truncated dome tiles which can stand up to the harsh conditions of their environment. The metal truncated dome is not affected by the factors which can destroy the other materials.


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